​​​​​​​​​​About the Publix Associates PAC

The Publix Associates Political Action Committee (Publix PAC) allows our company to better engage with elected officials who represent Publix and have a direct impact on issues that can affect our company's mission to be the premier quality food retailer in the world. Your voluntary contribution allows us to develop key relationships with the individuals who create federal laws that could have an impact on our business.

Why Publix has a PAC

Through the Publix PAC, you become part of something bigger — a group working to help Publix by supporting candidates who align with our business goals. Your participation supports our commitment to the dignity, value and employment security of our associates and the highest standards of stewardship for our stakeholders.

When Mr. George opened the first Publix, he made sure to create an environment of mutual respect and engagement where everyone would have a voice. Our company's success can be attributed to Mr. George's commitment to taking care of not only our customers, but also the greatest asset of all, you. The Publix PAC allows our Government Relations team to share his philosophy and vision with those that represent us in Congress and educate them how these regulations impact our day to day business.  Being a member of the Publix PAC is a tool for associates to engage and aid in furthering our company's prosperity.​

The way it works

A corporation can't contribute to federal candidates, but a PAC can.

Publix can't give money to federal political campaigns, but the PAC — a voluntary organization open to receiving contributions from salaried Publix associates — can. That's why your membership is important.

Publix isn't the only corporation with a PAC

Large-scale retailers like Amazon, Kroger, Safeway and Walmart all have PACs to ensure their voice is heard. Your contributions allow us to participate in the political process, by supporting members of Congress from both sides of the political aisle who share in our company goals. ​

Doing good together has no party affiliation

The Publix Associates PAC isn't affiliated with a political party. We support federal candidates whose platforms and records align with our goals, regardless of their party affiliation. The Publix PAC allows PAC members the opportunity to participate in the success of Publix and amplify our voice in the halls of the nation's Capitol.


Helping Publix helps you!

As an owner, when Publix does well, you do well. Regulations and laws can affect Publix's profitability, the value of your stock and dividends, and our ability to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible. ​

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Our PAC provides Publix with a stronger voice than we, as individuals, might otherwise have in shaping future federal policies that impact our business. Publix and the Publix PAC need your support. Click the 'Join Us!' tab for more information on member benefits and how to contribute to our Publix PAC. ​